A Weekend in March or April

Friday evening is quiet. I go for a walk at 7pm, as the sun’s setting, to a nearby park that has become my regular walking destination. Couples are sharing benches, dogs are greeting each other, the air is warmer than it has been. Later, I make a new favorite dish,… Read More »A Weekend in March or April

Lighting a Bushwick Concert Venue

Jesse began hosting concerts at the warehouse last summer. Jesse’s friend was interested in taking on a producing sort of role, and he lined up a few bands to play on a very hot July night. The one-off concert became a series in the fall, with Good Fridays occurring monthly… Read More »Lighting a Bushwick Concert Venue

Where Nature and Urbanism Meet

The Appalachian trail, spanning 2,190 miles and 14 states, is sprinkled with shelters, mountain peaks, road crossings, log books, stream crossings, and white trail blazes. But, one feature I did not expect this hiking trail to offer was a passenger train station. Indeed, about two hours north of NYC, weekend… Read More »Where Nature and Urbanism Meet

Exploring Death Valley

It was a sunny and hot California afternoon when I arrived at the Death Valley welcome sign. I had been driving for about 4 hours by now – coming from LA – and was feeling that mix of heat and travel exhaustion. Fortunately, after taking a few pictures, I only… Read More »Exploring Death Valley